Athletes and Manufacturers of high-performance sporting equipment trust the LSWT|SD aerotest team to provide them with the answers they need on their never-ending quest for speed.

For more information on our Cyclist Aero-Performance Testing, check out our High-Performance Cycling page.

Whether you are an athlete rocketing down the course on snow and ice, or grinding out the miles on your racing cycle, every detail matters if you want to eke out every last bit of performance. That's why world-class athletes from Olympians to competitive cyclists and triathletes (well over 500 and counting) come to LSWT|SD to hone their technique and tune their gear. We provide the insights, technology and experience they need to make those all-important gains in aerodynamic performance.

Naturally, it doesn't stop there. Designing the gear for high performance sport is serious business, full of innovation -- especially in the realm of Aerodynamics. Manufacturers recognize this, and trust the LSWT|SD team to collaborate with them to test, validate and optimize their latest products. If you are a manufacturer looking to explore the bounds of performance with your products, get in touch. From high-tech apparel fabrics to designs for bikes and sliding sports, we've tested it all. Let us help you with your next project.Contact usto get started today.