Test Capabilities

Force and Moment

Propulsion Systems:

- Exhaust Blowing

- Electric Model Motors

- Inlet Suction

- Turbine Simulation

Special Test Capabilities

High Model Angle Ranges

(Pitch ~90°, Yaw 180°)

Aeroelastic Aircraft Flutter Testing       with Q-Reducer System

Ground Plane

Half Model

Strut Tares and Interference


Tunnel Architecture

Closed Loop Continuous Flow

Velocity Bounds: 5 - 270 MPH

Mach Range .015 - 0.35

Test Section: 8' H x 12' W x 15' L

Drive Section: 20' Diameter Fan, 2250 HP Motor

Operating Temperature: Ambient

Operating Pressure: Atmospheric


Force and Moment measurements


- Internal

- External

- Component

Sting & Strut Mounts

Air Pressure measurements

Model Surface


Imaging Systems

Still and Video

Flow Visualization



French Chalk.

Industries Served

Commercial and Military Aerospace

High Performance Athletics

Energy Sector


Product Development

General Manufacturing

LSWT|SD is a continuous circuit facility with a test section 8 feet high, 12 feet wide and 15 feet long. It operates at Mach numbers up to 0.35. Aerodynamic, propulsion, loads and aeroelasticity (flutter) testing can be accommodated. The tunnel shell consists of reinforced concrete with a smooth painted interior finish which provides low-turbulence, clean airflow. A honeycomb section located upstream of the contraction ensures uniform velocity distribution throughout the test section.