A relentless pursuit of perfection...

With a top speed of 270 mph and an 8’ x 12’ test section, we are perfectly suited for scaled jet aircraft, small unmanned aircraft, and aircraft of all types. wind tunnel testing aerodynamic testing

LSWT|SD employs a team of 9 highly skilled analysts and engineers. Our team members are experienced veterans of widely varied ground testing programs, which equates to unparalleled data quality and testing efficiency. LSWT|SD is one of the largest and most capable privately operated wind tunnels in the United States.


LSWT|SD provides extremely consistent and repeatable flight conditions. We measure all 6 components of forces & moments, along with a host of other important variables. Our tunnel turbulence values are low when compared to similar wind tunnels.

Developing air vehicles is high-stakes business with no room for error --  we get it.  Time and time again, we deliver spot-on data with unparalleled efficiency. No project is too big or too small. That's why virtually every leading aerospace company trusts the LSWT|SD team to test and evaluate their designs before they take to the air. 

We can help your dreams take flight too. 

Contact us to learn more, and see the difference a world-class team of aerotest engineers using one of the most capable facilities on the planet can make for your project.