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Welcome to the San Diego Wind Tunnel!

Aerodynamics emerged as a discipline around the time of Wilbur and Orville Wright's first powered flight in 1903. Developments in the field have led to major advances in turbulence theory and supersonic flight.

For over 66 years, the San Diego Wind Tunnel has served the testing needs of the aerospace community.  The San Diego Wind Tunnel has developed a unique testing capability for the aerospace and aviation industry. 

The facility is fully staffed and equipped to provide all testing and data processing services.  The San Diego Wind Tunnel has an average of 29 years per team member in aerospace test engineering, instrumentation, operations, and data reduction which translates into premier data quality and test efficiency.

The tunnel circuit provides low turbulence, clean airflow and uniform velocity distribution in the test section with controllable flow as low as 5 mph. 

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