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The Convair Low Speed Wind Tunnel began Operations under the direction of Consolidated Vultee (Convair) in May 1947, located at Lindbergh Field, now San Diego International Airport, off of Pacific Highway. The tunnel has been used in numerous military and civilian aerospace development programs, including the F-106, B-58, F111, F-16, Global Hawk UAV, Tomahawk Cruise Missile, and Advanced Cruise Missile.

In March 2006, 
San Diego Air & Space Museum acquired the former General Dynamics Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) at San Diego's Lindbergh Field. The facility is now known as the San Diego Air & Space Technology Center, creating another first in the Museum's unique history.

Lead by General Manager Dave Massey, the San Diego Air & Space Technology Centers Wind Tunnel's operational staff hold a combined 163+ years of experience in wind tunnel testing which averages 29 years per team member.

Special Projects Director Chuck Niskey stated, "We have an opportunity to encourage and inspire the young engineers of tomorrow. The wind tunnel has held a critical role in the development of aircraft and I am honored to add to that achievement the chance to expand the operation to include educational tours, aerospace camps and testing programs for students."

The wind tunnel has been a proud sponsor of the USA Olympic Luge Team since 2006. "The San Diego wind tunnel is the best facility there is, with the best balances, the best staff and the methodology is second-to-none," said Gordy Sheer, director of marketing and sponsorship for USA Luge.

Every member of the 2006 USA Olympic Luge Team was tested in the wind tunnel as well as most of the 2014 USA Olympic Luge team including three-time Olympian and Bronze Olympic medalist (first luge singles medal in American history), Erin Hamlin and two-time Luge Olympic World Champion and USA Olympic Luge Team coach, Mark Grimmette.
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