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The San Diego Wind Tunnel has been serving the aerodynamics community for over 66 years. With a top speed of 270 mph and an 8’ x 12’ test section, we are perfectly suited for scaled jet aircraft, small unmanned aircraft, product development testing, cycling, and other sports.



The San Diego Wind Tunnel provides extremely consistent and repeatable flight conditions, and we can measure all 6 components of forces & moments, along with a host of other important variables. Our tunnel turbulence values are low compared to comparable wind tunnels.

The wind tunnel's reliability and energy efficiency were increased significantly by the recent addition of a new variable frequency fan drive. 

Since March 2016, the wind tunnel has been under the direction of Dave Massey, and currently employs a team of 9 people. Our wind tunnel team averages over 29 years of wind tunnel testing experience per team member, which equates to premiere data quality and testing efficiency. The wind tunnel is one of the largest privately operated wind tunnels in the United States.

Detailed information about aero-testing at the San Diego Wind Tunnel is below. You can also download the Wind Tunnel Spec Sheet for a summary of key features.

Aero Spec Sheet

Aero Brochure



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